Facebook gives slight tweak to the News feed algorithm.

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Just now Facebook have made some tweak change over the Newsfeed algorithm, as the appearance of the status from users and pages. The newest version of the Newsfeed will show fewer text-based status updates from Pages, but will serve more text-based status updates from users.

This is good news for the page administrator that, Facebook will be distributing more status updates from the page that are media or link based.

This announcement have been just posted on the blog post, as Facebook says that, they have discovered people see simple, text only status updates and more they share. As initial test stats the increase in the status updates as 9 million more status updates were posted everyday.

However, a text-only status update from Pages didn't gives the same result as text status updates from regular users. Just because of this, Facebook have changed the algorithm to pull back on text updates from page.

So Page admins rather sharing the media and link on updates, Facebook recommends them to use the link sharing tools to share rather embedding a link over the text updates. Hence this will results to give a more rich media experience for the customers.

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