Chrome Mobile gets data compression to 50%

Recently Google released its latest version of Google chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux, which have  great features on the latest version. After this Google also announced new released for Android and iOS.  The latest version will be available in few days at Google Play and Apple's Apps store.

On the latest version, of both Android and iOS have received a data compression features. This means that, now Google will help you to save your pocket on data plans. If you haven't heard about data compression the read the developer page. It says it will help you to save bandwidth, load pages faster and browse more securely on your device by optimizing the web page you visit. Google claims the service can reduce data usage by 50 percent while browsing.

To turn the feature on, go to Settings, Bandwidth management , and then choose “Reduce data usage.” Turn the toggle to “On” and come back whenever you want to see how much bandwidth you save each month as you browse.

Additionaly, Android user can able to translate the webpage content from last year July, but now the same features have also reached to the iOS device also. Chrome for iOS have received support Google Translate.  iOS device users can Translate the webpage on Chrome with the tap of a button on your iPhone and iPad. 

Company have introduce many major release on the latest version.

For Android and iOS

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