Two Moderators of Silk Road 2 forums got Arrested

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Yesterday, once again the authorities have took over the controller of black marketing. After the taken down of the Slik Road, users have launched and came back with the new site "Silk Road 2" Last day, atleast two moderators on the Black marketing site "Silk Road 2 forums" http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/) [TOR link]  have been arrested by the authorities of US and Ireland.
As per the sources, one moderator "Libertas" have been arrested by the Irish authority in Wicklow during a raid carried out. Another Moderator of the forum "Inigo" have been arrested by the FBI, in Virginia.

Libertas, was caught in his own house around 8 P.M of Irish time, and authorities managed to seize approx 200,000 Euro of bitcoins in the raid. Its looks that the beginning of the Slik Road 2 is not very long after its resurrection.”

A police source independently confirmed the arrest of Libertas, saying that a man was arrested last night in connection with the new Silk Road and charged yesterday (under the Criminal Mutual Assistance Act of 2008.) Police searched his house and took computers. He made bail last night.
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