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Godaddy introduced the First of the New Generic Domains

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This is Good news for the webmaster and online marketers that after the popular domain extension .com now they will also have the Generic domain extension.

World's largest Domain Name Registrar "Godaddy" have introduced the all new generic domain extension. This is the world first of the new batch of generic top level domains are going on sale, via GoDaddy no less. The company is now offering access to four new gTLDs, though you won't be getting your domain just now.
Godaddy is the first registrar to sell pre-registrations on the new, ICANN-approved domain name extensions, as part of a new program designed to expand the inventory of Internet website addresses," the company announced.

Godaddy, is taking order for the pre-registration on the new domain extension, which includes .uno, .menu, .build, .luxury

The cheapest of the new domains is .uno which $40 (€30) for the regular pre-registration, $300 (€225) for the priority one. .menu goes for $50 (€37) and $350 (€262), .build is $100 (€75) and $200 (€150) and, as you can imagine, .luxury is the most expensive of the bunch, going for $800 (€600) and $1,200 (€900).
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