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Indian Government may Bans the Google mail Service

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As per the news sources, now Indian Government is planning to banned using the Google mail service for countries officials works.
As Indian government says that Google has its mail server on US, which is outside of the country and this will may leads to the leaks of the countries confidentials details.
This was because earlier a US national Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden have leaked the details and  the statement stating that American Government is remotely accessing to the users mails that are associated with the Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Why Indian Government Doing this?

Indian Government is taking this steps because US national Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden have leaked and disclosed the data that states American Government are accessing the
mails and information of the users accounts that are associated with the Google, Facebook, and Apple's, through a programme known as PRISM.  Edward Snowden have also claims that US government had direct access to large amounts of personal data on the Internet such as emails and chat messages. They have also exchanges and intercepts the data of the other countries too.

What Indian Governments Planning to Do?

It is being says that Indian Government is planning to notify the approx 5 lakh employees to avoid the use of the Google mail services, rather Government orders to use the countries own server of NIC (National Informatics Center). This will somehow prevents that data disclosed of the country.

What Google Says?

In this regards Google haven't any kind of the statement yet. Google India representative mention that, they have not got any kind of the reports from Indian Government. Rather is says that, people use google service as it is easy, fast and secure to use. If this kind of things happens, then google will sure proved a statement on this also.

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