Student Arrested for Hacking into School’s Computer Systems

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18 years old  student of the Denton High School in Denton, Texas, name as Marshall Williams,  is being arrested for hacking into the school computer system.

According to the Fox 4 post, on March and April, Williams hacked into the high school’s secure Wi-Fi network – which stores test results, employee records, a master key list and building alarm codes and used school printers to print out the stolen security codes and test results.

After investing to the incident its traced the breach back to the student’s phone based on logs and an IP address. Investigator finds Williams was in the Wi-Fi area during the breaches.

Arrest documents reveal that Williams wanted to get back at the school after an English teacher refused to grade a report he wrote based on a trip to a gun show.  However, he later apologized for what he has done.

Source: Fox 4
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