Suspected Hacker arrested for World's Biggest DDoS attack

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Recently one of the biggest DDOS attack was done in the history, against Spamhaus last month. The bandwidth of the attack was peaked at over 300 Gbps, that almost broke the internet connection. This huge bandwidth attack makes Spamhaus offline due of huge traffic.
Dutch police has confirmed that they have arrested the suspect behind this attack. It was 35 years old, who have almost make down the internet.

Attacker have targeted Spamhaus because Spamhaus is the company which creates the  blacklist of the spam site and  sell them to the ISP. Attcker was arrested in Spain and is being transferred to authorities in the Netherlands.
Man that was arrested seems to be  the owner of the Dutch hosting firm Cyberbunker. Spamhaus accused Cyberbunker of being a spam heaven and proceeded to add all sites hosted by Cyberbunker to its spam list.