Paypal Phishing mail scams alert

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As we all know that now a days cyber crime has got increased in a rapid rate, and cyber criminals are not leaving any chance to get their victim.
Mostly these cyber hackers make target to users online bank account portal, as like Pay pal, Liberty, and other online banks. Recently we have post that hacker are trying a "Phishing attack" to  hack the Facebook accounts by spamming the Facebook wall, Comments, message and emails too.
This time hackers are spamming the emails accounts of the users for hacking Paypal accounts.
This spam emails contains a link of the phishing page of fake Paypal website.

Users are getting  mails to recover their accounts, as they says that "Your PayPal Account was deleted. If you didn't delete your account, click on the link below to restore access immediately: Recover account. PayPal Accounts can only be restored within a short period of time after deletion,
This spam was discovered by the Hoax Slayer that have post a there site about this.
Users who click on the links given on the mail to recover the accounts
are taken to the fake page of Paypal site and users are asked to put the accounts details. The details that are given by the users on that site are controlled by the attackers and by this there accounts get hijacked.
As usually Paypal state the user to be alert for this kind of mails, and if by mistake they have click on this links, users are asked to change there password immediately.
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  1. Unknown
    Much useful info. Well, it's better to keep password strong and also to change it on regular basis. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)
  2. Unknown
    Yup thats the right one, update your password regularly
  3. Unknown
    Yep update your password Everyday! :D