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Google Fiber to the Pole Gift By Google

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As we all know that world's fastest Internet connection is given by Google and this is called as "Google Fiber". Speed of Google Fiber is 1 giga byte per seconds (1Gbps). You all can imagine how will be this speed.
Google Fiber was firstly launched in Kansas City, now it is available in India also.
There is good news for the people of Kansas City, that now they can enjoy the speed of the Google fiber from anywhere. If they are out of the home and have some important work then also they can enjoy the Google Fiber. Google is now introducing fiber-to-the-pole, for on-the-go broadband.
They are giving the connection of the Google Fiber from the pole of your sidewalk.
This can be done by a simple steps. All you have to do is to find the pole nearest to yourself, Click here to find the poles, and just plugin your device and use the ultimate speed of Fiber. 
This help the community to come close, and you can work together with your friends, neighbors on the streets only.
Google says on their blog post that, they are very much happy after announcing their new projects called "Google Fiber Pole".  They also mentioned that "Poles already have our Fiber strung to them; all we had to do was come up with a way to make that Fiber accessible. That’s what we’ve done today".

Check the Video of Google Fiber Pole

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