Turn Facebook Chat off or on for selected friends

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If there are many friends on your Facebook friend list then, some it make us irritates by the sound of the message and the pinging by other, specially when you are doing some other work or working on a projects. I have lastly post about to Disable the sound of Facebook notification that pranks a lot to you.
Here I will tell you how to make yourselves available for some selected friends only. Facebook provides us the facility to do this. This can be done in some simple steps. 
Step 1: 
Login to your Facebook account, if you are from mobile device then you can also load the desktop version of the site from a mobile device.
Step 2:
Open the Chat area at the bottom. Click on the "Setting" and then click on  "Advance Setting".

Step 3:
Here choose the type of chat status you want to use and fill in the names of the people. Now just start  entering the name for the friends that you want to make the chat off.
After you add just click on the "Save". 
Thats it, Now you can enjoy a little extra peace when your Facebook tab is open.
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