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Hindi Input keyboard for Android by Google

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Till now Google translator is benefited over the internet. Because of this users can translate any language. By this many of the users have benefited as one cannot know the language.  This is a site where user can input the text query and translate to their desire language.
But now Google have introduce a new app known as "Hindi Input app" for the Android. In this, there is Hindi keyboard also supports with the translation. This app helps the users to type Hindi words in English characters and will replace it by the Devanagari script. This app can be downloaded for the Google Play Store, and can be used as default keyboard on all those devices which is based on Android 2.2. Although this app will work when your device supports Devanagari script.
There is a total button on this app, with the help of it English character automatically gets converted to Hindi. If there is no use of translation then users can make Off to the translation. For this users have to change the keyboard to English keyboard.


Here is the Video demo of this app
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