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Government of India Hosting Hackathon

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There is a Good news for all the Indian Cyber Security people. It is the first time in the history of the India that there will be a competition is going to be held on hacking. This is the first step that Indian Government have took to appreciate the Indian security guys.
Planning Commission and National Innovation Council are organizing the first ever "Hackathon" on the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) on 6th – 7th April 2013. All the citizens are invited in "Hackathon"  to make show the talent on computing and cyber world, through the creative visualizations and software applications.
"Hackathon" will be organised in 11 different places through out the India, and here every body are welcome to join it. Those who thinks that they are the master in the Computer field or in short "Computer Geeks" are honorably  welcome. Thousand of youngster  having creative designer,  Coder, Programmer with policy and development enthusiasts will visualize and narrate the 12th Plan through info-graphics  short films, and support the initiatives proposed in the Plan by developing software applications.

What Hackathon Says?

As per the Hackathon, they are inviting every citizen of Indian into this  Competition. They mention that, they are not putting any kind of age restriction or of profession, regarding the competition.  Hackathon can be joined by Individual or in a Groups, but there is restriction on the group. There will be only 4 members under each groups, participant choice. They also mentioned for participants that take there best on the groups and put a oil and gear up on your skills.

Where going to be Held

Place where the Hackathon is going to be  held on are following under

1) University of Jammu                                     2) IIT Delhi
3) Delhi University                                            4) Aligarh Muslim University
5) IIT Kanpur                                                   6) IIIT Hyderabad
7) IIT Kharagpur                                               8) TISS Mumbai
9) IISc Bangalore                                              10) IIT Madras
11) IIM Shillong

How to Registration ?

Registration for the Hackathon will be under two phases, the first from 22nd – 25th March and the second from 28th March – 2nd April.

Steps to be followed for the Registration
Step 1;- 
To register, Click Here to create account and fill all the necessary details on  the Form.
After you Click on the Create account below a confirmation link will be send on your mail account.. Verify your registration after clicking on that link.
Step 2:- 
 Update all the mandatory details on your account that you have created,
As like Name, City, State, Mobile, Occupation, Age, and Gender.
Step 3:- 
 As if you are registering as for group then provide all the necessary details about the Group, as like Name, City, State, Mobile, Occupation, Age, and Gender..

For More Details Click here
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  1. Unknown
    This seems to be very interesting. No age and profession restrictions. Thanks for this update and tweeted :)
  2. Unknown
    any time... Thanks for sharing
  3. Unknown
    Its a gud start by indian governemnt hope this will help in keeping people away from cyber fraud by awarenes also