Exploit Database site inj3ctor hacked

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One of the most popular site of exploit database that all the hackers community and security person use i.e "Inj3ctor" or "1337day.com"  had god hacked last night.
This time is was pretty late to post this news, and while writing the site has been restored. There are no mirror of the deface was made.
On the deface page hackers identify themselves as "SQL_master" and "Zombi3_ Ma". Injector domain i.e. http://www.1337day.com have been defaced but its naked domain seems to be working fine i.e. http://1337day.com
Screenshot of the deface page is below.

On the deface page hackers leave a message as saying,
"Hello all! Today 1337day hacked! not just for fun or laughing, sombody goal from ur team thinks he's the best hacker in the world. u are safe :) security of ur?? and u Believes no one can hack ur primary domain (1337day.com) and somebody thinks u are the hero :) beens now u are fucked by us, so please do not say bullshit again ;)."
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