5 sites To make your own free website

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Now a days making website is getting more as we all know that by website also we can earn. For this we should not have any kind of the programming knowledge nor we have to invest any thing. These all can be done for free...
There are many website  that provide service to make your own free website. By using these services you can make your own website and start earning. For this there are three things are must as i know.. Domain, Quality content and Traffic.
If you have all the three thing above that you can earn a good amount.  There are many of the people who are earning through the site or blogs. Blogs and site are two different and  I will discuss this later on.
Here I will discuss about the website that gives you to make your free website in a simple steps.

Doodi.me is one of the site that helps you to make your own site in a very simply steps. The main thing of this site is that it allows the users to make the domain name of their own name. Additionally it give the facility of automatic optimization of your site for tablet or mobiles. It also provides the live preview of the site while designing the site. After this you can take a view on your site visitors. You can directly share the site on the social networks.

If you want to make your site colorful, then Flavors.me is the best option for you. Flavors.me allows anyone to create an elegant website using personal content from around the internet. It have many additional feature as like- you can change the layout of the  home page. organised your own content and also add the visual effects to your own content. You can connect five social networks accounts with free account of flavors. I also have premium account, on which there are many additional features like, multiple design, unlimited services, mobile optimization services. You can also make the visitors contact forum on this.

Follr.com is little bit different for the other sites. Here you can make your own virtual visiting cards.  On which you can add details of the social networks, skills, work experience and also a option to add the contact details. It have the facility to get automatic update from the social networks. Additionally,  it also have the mini social network site, by which you can connect the users.

weebly is another better option to make a website. Before signing up on weebly, first it will ask what you want to make. A Forum, Blog or a Portfolio site. In you can use the sub-domain provided  by the weebly  for you site address or buy a new one as you like(if available). There are many of the pre-installed tools to design a site. Here first you can select the theme of the site and then do further design of your site. It also have the drag and drop facility.

If you want some creative and a rich designing site then wix.com will the better option. This is also a free site to make your own website. Here you can use website template as you want. There are many templates on its template gallery. You can also edit the template as you want. For editing there is HTML editor present on it, and to you this you don't have to learn HTML program also. After there designing of the site you can publish your site live in just a seconds. You can also make your own name sub-domain.

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