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A Phone You can Wear like a Watch

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As  the days are passing techno field is developing on their own way. they are becoming sharp and entering our daily life to make it easier and convenient. Computer have also change from the room like size  to the size that fixed of our palm. There are many such brilliant brains because of whom this have been possible for today. From India Pranav mistry is one of them, who have developed sixth sense. His site is
Again in the small age students have developed  a mobile small as to wrist watch. Four students together to build a phone that you can wear it as a clock in his hand, and called "Smart watch".
This mobile phone have 2 inch display and 2 megapixel camera with the Android operating system. In this there is one camera, speaker and a microphone also. Beside this there is a USB socket also at the strip of it which is help to charge the battery of it and also use for the storage.
And the all credits behind this goes to 22 years old Ankit Pradhan, Communications Professional Pavnit Singh Puri, and Apurv Sukant, and the youngest member of the team, 17-year-old Sidharnt Vats.
There are many multinational firms that are working of this type of devices. This type of gadgets are available on the market but firm of this gadgets says that there device is different from the device available on the market.
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