Uganda Microsoft Bing site Got Hacked

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This is  the again big news in the Cyber World that, One of the 3rd largest search engine "BING" of Uganda had got hacked by the hackers called as ZombiE_KsA, Agd_Scorp, Zer0Byt3 Turk Guvenligi & PAKBugs.  
This is again one of the big hack of year 2013.. As it seems that hackers  are targeting big websites. by this cyber crime is rising up..
As defacer says that this was the 2nd time that they hacked Bing...
The message that have been left by the hackers on the home page of bing is  followed....

As by the message it doesn't looks that it some of official hack.. but some how looks like hackers are playing with security, and enjoying themselves by all this..

Here is the Link of the Uganda Bing site:-
and Here is the deface mirror of Bing:-