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Steps to Prevent Cyber Crime by Government

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To prevent the Cyber Crime Government is taking many steps. First center of Europe for the tracking the Cyber criminals is going to open in Netherlands. This center will be working to prevent the cyber frauds, False use of credit cards etc.. This center will also try to secure the social network likes twitter and Facebook also. It will take help from the all the person through out the Europe that can secure the users from the attacker of the virtual world. They will give special focus on the duplication and the frauds of the credit cards..
One of these experts are "Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz", He says that in Europe most of the payment is done through the Credit card, Debit card , master card or through Visa and organized criminal groups take advantage of this. Because of this it seems that every year there is a lose of 115 Billion Euro's.

Caution should be taken.

European Cyber ​​Crime Center, chief Troals Orting say's that "Everything and most of the work we do on the internet". We are on social media, through this we earn the money, shop on internet, we put all our details on the Internet, From it we learn many new things.
So there should not only a Internet, rather we should know some basic tips to be secure from it.
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