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Know value of your Personal data

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Google and Facebook  have launched new Browser, which tells the user how  these company are earning with user personal data.
Facebook and Google have launched a special kind of browser name as  "Privacy fix" Scan User for those who uses Chrome and  Firefox browser. By this browser user can know that how this website are tracking user and how they are tracking the online activity of the user and earning money. By this user can also know that how they are effecting the financial activities of these website. Developer of this "Jim Brock" says that this is just to inform the user that how much valuable they are to this company and if they will not in the member of the company then how company will be affected in their absence.

One month activity views
By this program user can check their value in the company and by this Piracy fix Messages, user can view activities of 60 days. This will track that what have been search by the user on Google and Facebook and how much have been added in friend list. However whatever result will be given to users will a rough results only and accurate result be quite difficult to this programs. " Brock " says that maximum numbers of user are unaware how  this company are using their activity for earning purpose. 
It will be very useful

Broke says that millions of users will get help from this program. He also says that not only Google and Facebook  1200 companies all over the world is getting richer by the help of users data.  He also mentioned  that these company have  a  track programs that user are unaware how they are getting tracked by the company and the company are getting benefited. 

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