Brief Explain about What is 'Cryptography'

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In the era of information and technology, there is complex data and securing and saving it in your computer or any Storage media is a major challenge in today's world.

The techniques used for the Protection of digital data from unauthorized access and to make it private and safe, This process is known as "Cryptography". This technique works with coded messages around it. In computer science, mathematics and electrical engineering applications and methods used are different.

As the Computer is an everyday need for everyone, and to keep the data and information on it not much secure. The user can use the Cryptography process but this technique is rarely used.
Occasionally you or your friends around talking to people even take the code and signals, so that no other person can not hear or understand your point. This method of communication is also a form of cryptography. As the conversation when the code is implemented in the computer world, it becomes helpful in keeping data secure. Crypto means code in the Greek language.

Today, Cryptography has significance, because the world is changing in the Global Village through computer networks. Cryptography is a major part of computer courses.

Cryptography can be divided into several parts. Eg - Symmetric - the cryptography, and public - the cryptography. Computer passwords are used in e-commerce and online banking where key cryptography is used to freeze. With its help messages are written in code so that a message would be leaked, so an unauthorized person could not understand the message.

"Cryptography, Encrypt the plain text so that it is not readable by humans. It is simple to hide the information or data, by converting plain text to encrypted text".

Users can be very much secure by using these techniques.

There is a Tool name True Crypt. True Crypt is very much powerful and small and very simple to use.

As this is powerful and very much effective, then also it is available for free. This is just because it is Open Source Software. [Download True Crypt].

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