Listen Radio on your Computer

As there are many online radio channels but unfortunately we cant here all but now we can listen all International Radio Channels from your computer only. And this you can do is all by your pre-installed media player.
As this is online radio channels so you need Internet connection and one small tool only.  Now on this users can listen India's nine Radio channels.
For Indians users, After installing this tool user have to choose continent as Asia after that country name i.e India. Now you will get all the list on  the Radio channels on the respective country. Now choose any of your favorite station and just click on the play button, your Radio will play on your media player.  The tools "Open Web Radio" which you need to support the online radio to connect and play is free tool and it is just of 130kb. Click here to download it

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  1. good1 bo...
    include some more channels......

  2. Thanks, channels are depends on country.. as I have discussed of India's radio channels, as same as for all country.

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