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Samsung Galaxy Broke Record

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Samsung Launches its Galaxy S3on May2012 As it has broke the record of sale. On Thursday Samsung Electronic Said that
its product Samsung Galaxy S3 hascrossed its global sale to 2 cores
the rate of selling has broke the record of previous gadgets and left behind the all the record of its product..
Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in May 2012 and it has reached its selling of 2corer only in 100days .

To touch this record Samsung S2 have took 300 days and galaxy S3 took 600 days.
Samsung says that Samsung galaxy S3 had reached 1 cores only in first
50 days only . As per this stats 2 lacs Galaxy S3 was sold per day.

In europe galaxy S3 was sold about 60 lacs . In Asia 45 lacs and
on North America 40 lacs are. sold., Where in on south korea its sale
have reached 25 lacks.

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  1. mobilezmarket

    The news of the Samsung Galaxy breaking records is a testament to the enduring popularity and innovation of the brand. With each new release, Samsung continues to push the boundaries of technology, delivering devices that captivate consumers and set new standards in the industry.