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Latest Windows Phone8

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Microsoft Windows Phone 8Guest post by Kunal Ganglani

Hello folks, today i am going to share with you some the cool and new exciting features of the most awaited
smart phone of the year , the microsoft Windows phone 8.

The most exciting features of windows phone 8 are listed as follows:

1. Metro User Interface
Metro User Interface of Windows Phone 8

Windows phone 8 provides us with live icons which updates regularly and gives it a realistic look.

2. Multi Core CPU
Multi Core CPU for playing High resolution Games on Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 supports Multiple Core CPU (like the Dual core, Quad Core etc) which enables us to play high resolution games even on our windows phone.

3. Application Transportation
Application Transportation from windows Os to windows phone 8

The windows phone 8 share the same kernel with windows operating system , which means the application which are designed or are to be designed for the windows operating system can be easily transported to the windows phone 8, which i think is a great news for developers.

4. Wallet Feature
Windows Phone Wallet

The wallet feature of the windows phone would help us keep our Debit Cards , Credit cards , Coupons, Boarding Passes and all the other important information right at our fingertips.
5. Detailed Maps as you Travel

Detailed Maps from Microsoft by partnership with NokiaMicrosoft partnership with nokia would provide us with detailed maps with turn by turn directions , plus the ability to store the maps offline.

6. Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 10
Windows phone 8 supports the most powerful browser Internet explorer 10 . Internet Explorer 10 would help us surf the internet faster and also save some bandwidth. The Internet Explorer 10 provides us with Secure Browsing by protection against Malware and Phishing Websites.

Just watch the Video :- 
For more detail view and learn more about it see Video.

Thanks :)
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