Download torrent file with IDM

How to download torrent file with IDM
As we all know most popular download manager software Internet Download Manager [Download IDM], that all user use to download stuff from internet. Internet Download Manager boots your internet speed 5 times and make you to download your stuff faster.

On ther hand torrent is the most easy to share file [video, movie, software, applications and lots more stuff] on internet. You can get all the things you want on torrents. Almost 99.9% of the stuff that you want is on torrent.
 Most popular torrent site are

These are the most popular torrent sites.

To downlaod anything from torrents takes much times compare to IDM..
So here I will tell you how you can download your favourite stuff, which is in torrents file from Internet Download Manager.
These all you can do by a site name

Just you have to follow these simple steps.

  1.  Go and Signup here. Its free to sign up.
  2.  Search your torrent file and download it. As it is just of some Kb.
  3.  Now go to , as you have signed up. There At the top you find a bar and a option to upload your torrent file.
  5.  Upload you torrent file and and wait for some minutes.
  6.  After Some minutes server will send you the link to to download that file/stuff. 
  7.  Click on that link and that link will work with your IDM. 
Now download your torrent file from IDM with 5 times faster.


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