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Pakistan Government Portals took down by Godzilla

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Pakistan Government Portals , Pakistan hacked, Godzilla hacked Pakistan sites
Indian hacker going with the alias Godzilla aka G.O.D have hacked into the several Pakistan government portal and made all the site completely down. The target sites includes official websites of the Pakistan Government, President of Pakistan, Ministry Defence and other Ministry of Pakistan.

In the talk with the hackers, he says to Cyber Kendra that he had hacked one of the proxy server which control all the government sites and damaged all the Proxy server connection, which leads of the outage of all the Pakistan Government Portals.

Hackers had damaged the proxy server which lead to the down of all the server. It is more than 24 hours but all the government site is still down.

On the Facebook profile Godzilla have posted a list of the targeted sites along with the message-
Poor Pakistan no matter how hard you try we can bypass those security anytime we want. Before making a statement in media against India think twice.
You can find the list of the all the targeted sites in a paste. You can check that all the Pakistan Government Portal is been down (At the time to writing the post). Some of the few main sites names
This is not the first time that Godzilla have attacked Pakistan Cyber space. Earlier also Godzilla have  hacked  numbers of Pakistan Government sites that includes Pakistan Army's site, Pakistan defence, and other government officials portals too.
 Apart from this Godzilla have also hacked Lashkar-e-Taiba Official Websites and his last hack was official media site of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan which was hacked after his 24 hours of launched.

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