ESET Spain website hacked by Hmei7

A Indonesian hacker going with the online handle 'Hmei7' have defaced the official site of IT Security company ESET along with its four sub -domains which are designated for Spain. The targeted website includes Spanish ESET’s official domain, ESET Security Forum and Training Center and Certification ESET Spain.

The deface page reads the following message

Hello ESET your security service, need more security cheer from me, indonesian people hacked by Hmei7”
At the mean time all the site were recovered and working fine. You all can still get the list of the site hacked and its mirror here.

This is not the first time that ESET website have been hacked, earlier also Panamania hacker had hacked the same domain of ESET. 
With ❤️ Cyber Kendra