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Eset and Bitdefender site hacked by KDMS team

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A pro-Palestinian hacktivist group 'KDMS Team', who had hacked Metasploit and rapid7 site yesterday, and hacked AVG, Avira, Whatsapp site earlier also hacked World's largest Web Hosting Network Leaseweb website by DNS hijacking method. Same by DNS hijacking method lastly Google Malaysia have also been defaced by Pakistani hackers.

Today KDMS team have hacked more two antivirus firm site of Eset ( and Bitdefender ( This hack is also with the same technique via DNS poisoning. 

KDMS have sucessfully hijacked the DNS of the both the site and changed the DNS. Hacked have managed to change the DNS and redirect people to a website playing the Palestinian national anthem and displaying a political message under the title "You Got Pwned".

This both site are register on REGISTER.COM, which is also domain registrar for Metasploit website. 

At the time of writing the post, site is still showing the deface page. You can see the hack link and its mirror here

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